Ice Age Natufian Culture the Canaanites Spread Across Coastal North Africa Known as Iberomaurusians of Atlantis


During the Ice Age, Jericho was built near the shoreline of Lake Lisan (now called the Dead Sea), when the level of that lake (“sea”) was about 500 feet higher, when the Canaanites began building that city of the “Natufian culture,” the same culture which spread across coastal North Africa become known as the “Iberomaurusians” of the Atlas Mountains region. Posidon was Sidon, a son of Canaan, who sailed to that region, the kingpin of Atlantis, while other Canaanites came west by land having built perhaps with Sidon the city of Menouthis which is now submerged in Aboukir Bay at the mouth of the extinct Canopic distributary of the Nile, Menouthis named for Mneseus, a brother of Atlas and son of “Posidon.”