Judaists Would Expect Messiah in Year 2239 Excepting They’ll Need Help Soon so Christian Calendar Looking Good


According to extra-biblical Jewish sources, this is the year 5781 since the universe was created, and the Judaists have been taught that the Messiah should not be expected until 2239 a. d. (or there about), 6,000 years after the creation, yet the prophecies regarding Israel in the Old (and New) Testament are falling into place at ever accelerating pace, all Jews knowing the Messiah will come soon, some who will believe it’s Jesus Christ and will be raptured before His return to earth at the end of the Tribulation, other Jews who will embrace the AntiChrist after the the rapture of the born again, while still other Jews will accept Messiah Jesus the Savior during the Tribulation. (The Seder Olam Rabbah shortened the inter-Testament period by about 200 years hence the Judaists’ year date about that much too low.)