Japheth’s Grandson Ashkenaz Known to Assyrians as Ashkuza to Babylonians the Saka to Greeks the Scythians Yakut Sakha


Wikipedia notes that the Yakut Sakha people of central Siberia are of Turkic ancestry, but without  a citation for that assertion, Wiki asking for a footnote, while the clue is fairly obvious, Yakut the name the Evenks tribe gave to the Sakha who are progeny of Ashkenaz, a son of Gomer, known to the Akkadians as the Ashkuza, and to the Babylonians as the Saka or the Gimirrai because Gomer (Cimmerians) was the father of Ashkenaz, his progeny known to the Greeks as the Scythians. Another son of Gomer was Togarmah whose son Turqi is the namsesake of the Turks, and Togarmah’s name is memorialized in the name of the tribe the Tocharians of the Tarim Basin of northwestern China (where was discovered the red-haired Loulan Beauty mummy), some on there way to central Siberia with their kinsmen the Sakha.