Fraudster Fauci Says 400,000 Americans Could Die Yet by His Non-Estimate of Wuhan Spread It Could Be 4,000,000 Dead


Dr. Fauci has never estimated how many Americans have been wuhan infected, instead banking on that you are swallowing the lie from the scare-hoaxing media that the number of Americans tested positive (7,500,000) is the total number infected, thus when he said recently that 400,000 Americans could die if we don’t stay locked down and masked, he’s saying twice as many will have been infected (15,000,000), ten times that to herd immunity, meaning that 4,000,000 would die then, while the reality is that about 150,000,000 have been infected for a mortality rate of about 0.1%, about 1/20th of the mortality rate which Fauci is deviously implying in order to further the scare-hoax; he’s a disgusting soul isn’t he?