Cup & Ring Mark Petroglyphs Found Canaan to Great Britain the Outline of Atlantis as Described by Greek Plato


On the shallow seafloor off Israel’s coast are the ice age ruins Atlit Yam where have been discovered on the submerged megalithic columns (of a half stone circle) rock art etched of “cup and ring mark” design, the same design as the city and concentric canal system of Atlantis (now submerged perhaps about 30 miles south of Cadiz, Spain), complete with the canal to the sea all as described by Plato. Such “cup and ring” etchings are found on rock outcroppings and megaliths throughout the Mediterranean and much of the eastern Atlantic regions (see Wiki’s entry for Cup and Ring Mark); and the design of the amazing concentric stone walls composing huge Ruji el Hiri on the Golan Heights and the “cup and ring” etchings found at Tell Gezer further bear out the Canaanite origin of the Atlanteans.