Wuhan Scare-Hoaxers Refusing to Estimate Total U. S. Infections While Overstating Deaths by 10x Perhaps


After nine months of the spread of the wuhan virus throughout the U. S. (its contagiousness said to be 3x greater than by the flu), the scare-hoaxers still have not provided an estimate of the number of Americans who have been infected, which could be approaching 150,000,000 and herd immunity, and the CDC has said that perhaps only 9,000 have died actually by the wuhan (the other 170,000 by other chronic-illness causes while carrying the virus), so the wuhan mortality rate in the U. S. could be as low as 0.05% (1 death per 15,000 1infected), that’s 1/100th of what the scare-hoaxers are saying!