Lake Tritonis of Posidon’s Son Triton Home of Athena the Amazons & Later Jason & the Argonauts on Remnant


During the Ice Age, North Africa was green, watered by rivers such as the Igharghar which flowed from the majestic Ahaggar mountains of southern Algeria northward into Lake Tritonis (Triton a grandson or son of Sidon/Posidon) where today is the Great Eastern Erg of southern Tunisia/northeastern Algeria, lake Tritonis during the Ice Age the homeland of Athena (Neith or Nut the wife of Ham/Khem/Geb) and the Amazons, queen Myrina among them who led her people to the Aegean region when the Ice Age was ending, when lake Tritonis was drying up, when the Greeks Jason and the Argonauts ventured there circa 1350 b. c. to be all but stranded needing an apparition of Triton to direct them back to the sea.