Phoenician Historian Sanchuniathon of Beirut Noted Ancient Ancestors Made Into Gods in Timeframe of Joshua


Sanchuniathon lived circa 1300 b. c. in Beirut, a Canaanite historian who said that the god Cronus had been a Cannanite king before he was made into a god, as were Maat and Thoth in Egypt who were said to have been sons of Misor, so according to the Table of Nations (Genesis 10) in the Bible, Maat and Taatus (Thoth) were Misraim, progeny of Ham or Cronus. Sanchuniathon wrote that Cronus (or Cronos the time man and great grandfather of Atlas) built ships and sailed to all the inhabitable world, and that navigation by the ancient mapping method described under Page titled Great Pyramid for Navigation).