Egyptian Priests at Sais Said City Founded 1,000 Lunar Cycles After Demise of Atlantis & Much of Pelasgian Greece


In Plato’s Atlantis, the Egyptian priests at Sais told the Greek visitor Solon (circa 600 b. c.) that the Greeks had no writing system when they battled the empire of Atlantis (while the Ice Age was ending), which jibes with the fact that the phonetic alphabet of the Hebrews came to Greece brought by the Phoenician Cadmus (brother of Phoenix) circa 1400 b. c. (and probably by the Danites too) which was about 1,000 lunar cycles (not years because hora in Greek means segment of time not necessarily a year) before the founding of Sais (on the post Ice Age Mediterranean shoreline), so said the Egyptian priests, 1,000 lunar cycles representing about a hundred years, Sais founded circa 1200 b. c.