Homer Used Names Argives Achaeans & Danaoi for Hellenic Greeks Though Two Semitic Tribes One Early Other Late


During the dark age of ancient Greece, the historian Homer wrote about the Trojan War which preceded his day by about four hundred years, the scene at Troy where the forces from the Peloponnesos were labeled not the Greeks rather the Argives, the Achaeans, and the Danaoi. The Argives were of the Argos which means (fertile) plain in Pelasgian (progeny of Shem’s great great grandson Peleg), they who were first in the region, and later when the Ice Age had ended, progeny of Japheth’s son Elisha moved in, they were the Achaeans of Achaeus who was a grandson of Elisha (Helice/Hellen/Hellenic), as did the tribe of Dan, the Danaoi, who sailed to the Peloponnesos during the days of The Judges in the Bible. The Graikos tribe, namesake of the Greeks, were progeny of Graecus who was a grandson of Hellen (Elisha).