Scare-Hoaxer Dr William Haseltine on CNNLOL Says Wuhan Mortality Rate is 3.0% That’s 30x the Real Number


This morning on New Day, wuhan scare-hoaxer Dr. William Haseltine (doesn’t he look like a sadistic villain in some movie?) said that 5,000,000 Americans would die if herd immunity would be achieved, herd immunity he says when 60% of Americans would infected, which means he’s asserting a 3.0% mortality rate, 30x the real number (0.1%). Since about 100,000 (padding corrected) Americans have died of wuhan infection, 1/50th of the number he says would die upon attainment of herd immunity, clown Haseltine is saying that only 1.50th of the U. S. population has been infected, about 15,000,000 Americans he says while the reality is almost 10x that, perhaps about 120,000,000 having been infected.