Progeny of Japheth’s Son Javan Moved Into Peloponnesos When Ice Age Ended Became Dominant Culture Over Pelasgian


In ancient greek legend, Deucalion and Pyrrha survived the global flood and their son Hellen is said to have been the first of the Hellenes, Hellen or Helice who was Elisha a grandson of Japheth as recorded in Genesis 10 and a son of Javan for whom were named the Ionians. During the Ice Age after the Tower of Babel when that region was being settled, the seafaring Pelasgians (progeny of Heber’s son Peleg in Genesis 10) dominated the coastal regions of the Peloponnesos, in the mountains too, Pelasgia, but when the Ice Age ended, many of them sailed away (for instance to build the polygonal megalithic walls found in the Andes of Peru and Bolivia measured using the Pelasgian Finger) for the Hellenes to move south into peninsular Greece (named for the Hellenic Graikos tribe), the “Dorian Invasion” (the Dorians of Dorus who was a son of Hellen/Elisha for whom was named to Elysian Fields).