WaPo’s Goofy Philip Bump Says Wuhan Mortality Rate is Choice of Two Things It Isn’t in Trying to Prolong Scare-Hoax


This morning an article by the Washington Post’s sad TDS sufferer Philip Bump was published trying to respond to president Trump’s assertion that the U. S. has the lowest wuhan mortality rate of any nation on earth, which the Bumpster says is false because the mortality rate is (supposedly) the number who have died per capita, or (supposedly) the number who have died per number of reported cases testing positive, completely ignoring the real measure of the mortality rate, the number of dead by the wuhan per the number of people infected by it, in the U. S. according to the Hoover Institute’s Dr. Scott Altas a paltry 0.07%, so what then are the real mortality rates in the other nations Mr Bump?