Base Six Timekeeping for Distance Measure Ancient Knowledge-Base Reinvented to Modern Metric System


Puzzling to many is that the ancient Sumerians of Ice Age lower Mesopotamia used a sexagesimal numbering system, base six rather than the base five or ten which would be expected, and base six underlies the Hindus’ yugas of time, both derived by ancient geometry (earth measure), as well as the Greek (Pelasgian) stadia measure, by the earth’s slow axial precession rate measured against celestial backdrop. Our nautical mile mapping system was spawned from this ancient earth-measuring method (see Page titled Great Pyramid for Navigation), while the metric system was merely by Napoleon’s whim (after Harrison’s Chronometer had been invented for precise longitude measure), his kilometer distance 1/40,000th of the earth’s circumference length merely by fiat, whim of the emperor.