Confirmed Cases of Wuhan Virus in U. S. Just Means a Few of the Tens of Millions of Americans Who Have Been Infected


Now there are about 1,000,000 confirmed cases of the wuhan virus in the U. S. with an estimated 40,000 deaths (padding corrected), these numbers constantly on the screen next to the establishment media talking heads (including on Fox News), giving the impression to the ignorant that the mortality rate by the wuhan (using their 50,000 dead number) is 5%, while in reality the morality rate is the number of dead (40,000) divided by the number of Americans who are infected or have been infected, that number which can be estimated by compiling random testing results from across the Country, from the results published on the web so far, apparently about 40,000,000 Americans infected, the wuhan’s mortality rate about 0.1%, the same as by the common flu.