No Bronze Age on Continental Northern Europe Because Twas Under Ice Age Snowpack While Heligoland Flourished


There was no “bronze age” on continental northern Europe while not far to the south the legendary Mediterranean cultures sometimes megalithic flourished, built by such as the Pelasgians (of Peleg) and the Canaanites (of Canaan); there was no “bronze age” on continental northern Europe because it was during the Ice Age when that region was covered by snow and ice many thousands of feet deep, while though to the west the Ice Age city now submerged off Heligoland (see report by Jurgen Spanuth) was built and flourished where today is the Dogger Bank submerged in the North Sea, built circa 2000 b. c. when Fosite (Posidon/Sidon a son of Canaan) was worshipped.