Communist Chinese Plus TDS Sufferers in U. S. & Worldwide Have Succeeded in Locking-Down the U. S. Economy


For a virus (the wuhan) almost twice as contagious as the flu, thereby spread probably quite thoroughly around the U. S. for three months, with a death toll so far 1/10th the number as by the common flu this year, the U. S. economy has been ground to a virtual halt by fear of this pandemic hidden by communist China for over a month (beginning in mid December), and minimized (by abiding Chinese propaganda) until recently by the TDS sufferers in the U. S. such that the wuhan panic sadly has crippled commerce in the U. S. The wuhan virus with its relatively large contagiousness has been spreading in the U. S. for over three months (perhaps forty million having been infected?), thus the shutdowns begun a month ago really to lockdown the U. S. economy by the TDS sufferers bent on taking down president Trump.