If the U. S. After Mitigating Wuhan Virus Will See 200,000 Dead Then China Has Lost 1,000,000 Not 5,000


Those experts advising Trump say that the U. S. could see 200,000 deaths by the wuhan virus in the next month or two even with all the mitigation (economic shutdown) being conducted, so if that’s true then China has seen at least 1,000,000 deaths by the wuhan, not the 5,000 which they say have died of it. Thus far about 4,000 had died in the U. S. of the wuhan with the peaking of the infections expected next week, so where would the  the rest of the 196,000 prognosticated deaths in the U. S. occur, many more deaths in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, or instead most in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida, or evenly spread all over the Country when we should expect daily 10,000 more deaths?