Swine Flu in 2009-2010 Killed 400,000 Globally & Death Toll by Influenza Worldwide 300,000 Annually


The global death toll in 2009-2010 by the H1N1 virus (swine flu) was about 400,000 (many of them children), by the wuhan virus so far this year globally about 28,000 (mostly old and/or chronically ill people), so even if the wuhan death toll goes up by 15x to match the death toll by the swine flu, the question remains why has the wuhan been treated so differently from the measures taken to stem the tide of the swine flu? The death toll by the swine flu is estimated in a wide range (150,000 to 575,000), and the range of global influenza deaths annually in a wide range too (250,000 to 500,000), so isn’t it interesting that the media pretend to have a precise count of the wuhan deaths while the others not, another indication that the wuhan panic is being orchestrated for overreaction?