The Globalists Want the U. S. Weak so Didn’t the Wuhan Scare-Hoax Do the Trick by Deceptive Stats Out of China & Italy?


Could it be that the globalists in media and politics, along with the communist Chinese, misrepresented the lethality of the wuhan-corona virus in order fool the United States into shutting down the economy that the stock market has lost trillions of dollars in value and for the loss of millions of American jobs, in the process ostensibly harming president Trump’s reelection chances? There have been approximately 600 deaths by the wuhan virus in the United States while by the common influenza viruses about 30,000 deaths so far this flu season, so will the patriotic Congresspeople see through the charade to begin to fight back for our national sovereignty, to quickly restore normalcy before it’s too late?