Among Citizens Showing Flu Symptoms Tested in U. S. Only 10% are Wuhan Virus Positive so About Five Million Infected?


About 10,000 people have tested positive for the wuhan virus thus far in the U. S., and about 9 out of 10 people showing flu symptoms test positive for a virus (or strep) other than the wuhan, so in addition to the 10,000 tested positive for wuhan were 90,000 tested positive for another virus (such as influenza) or strep, thus with an estimated 50 million infected by viruses other than the wuhan this flu season, the number of people infected by the wuhan virus could be about 5 million people, only 150 dead so far whereas about 22,000 have died of influenza this flu season. Apparently the wuhan is more lethal to old and/or chronically ill people, yet overall it’s no more lethal than influenza, yet another virus in the mix.