Crooked Hillary Says Crazy Bernie Isn’t the Strongest Candidate Not the Stronger One & Won’t Endorse Sleepy Joe


Today on CNN with Fareed Zakaria, the ever-lurking Crooked Hillary repeated that she doesn’t think Crazy Bernie Sanders is the strongest candidate, but shouldn’t she have said Crazy Bernie is not the stronger candidate considering that Sleepy Joe and Crazy Bernie are only two in the race? So do you suppose Crooked was referring to Tulsi Gabbard who remains in the race in saying strongest of three, or is she the third, waiting in the wings for the inevitable that Sleepy Joe will face-plant, and Crazy Bernie already almost left in the dust? Mr Zakaria did call her out on her use of the word strongest rather than stronger, to which Crooked sheepishly did admit that there are only two now in the race with a chance to win, Zakaria having been prompted to ask her that after she refused to endorse Sleepy Joe.