Trojan Thymoetes Said the Amazons Had Come from LIbya Two Hundred Years Previously When Ice Age Had Ended


Diodorus Siculus (of Sicily) circa 100 b. c. recorded the reportage of Dionysius of Mitylene (on Lesbos island) circa 500 b. c. that (by oral tradition or written) the Trojan Thymoetes (a son of king Laomedon) circa 1200 b. c. asserted that the Amazons of the region had come by land from Libya, which jibes with Diodurus Siculus’ historical account obtained from North Africa that the Amazons under queen Myrina fought against the displaced Atlanteans (when the Ice Age had ended) and then migrated eastward then northward into Anatolia. Interestingly, on Lemnos island is the ancient city Myrina.