Canaanites of Fosite or Posidon Where Now is North Sea Brought Language Later Assimilated by West Germanic


The Basque word for ice is isotz, spelled ijs in the west German dialects, and the word itaso in Basque is the word sea in the west German dialects, because the first settlers of Europe’s Atlantic seaboard were Canaanites such as Posidon (Fosite of Heligoland in North Sea) whose language was integrated into the Indo European (japhetic) language of western Germany when the Ice Age ended for the Indo European speakers to move in from western Asia circa 1200 b. c. The Germanic word Arendal or Arundel means mountain-valley, from the Basque word haran (mountain) and the Germanic word dalle or dell (valley), it’s a combination of the Canaanite with the Indo European, come together when the Ice Age had ended.