Mycenaean Linear B Name of Their God Po-Se-Da-Wo-Ne Same as Frisian Fosite Twas Posidon or Sidon Grandson of Ham


Plato in the dialogues with Critias and Timaues wrote that the empire of Atlantis extended inside the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) as far east as Libya and the Tyrrhenian sea (Italy), and outside the strait of Gibraltar how far Plato didn’t say, but it extended where today is the North Sea, ruins of the Atlanteans found about five miles south of Heligoland on the seafloor (see Jurgen Spanuth’s work), of the realm of Fosite the Frisian spelling of whom the Mycenaeans of the Mediterranean called Po-se-da-wo-ne (Linear B inscriptions), that’s Posidon or Sidon, a son of Canaan and grandson of Ham.