Ice Age Sarasvati River of Sarah Brahma Abraham Whose Concubine Hagar Namesake of Ghaggar Hakra Drainage?


Abraham lived only ten generations after Noah, in the middle of the Ice Age when the deserts of the world were verdant, so it’s no stretch that Abraham’s fame, by his concubine Hagar’s son Ishmael or his progeny, brought the knowledge of Abraham (Brahma) and Hagar (Ghaggar-Hakra drainage basin) to the Indus Valley Civilization, and the Sarasvati river named for Sarah, the mother of Isaac, that great river which went all but dry when the Ice Age ended, where is the Ghaggar-Hakra. The syllable vati in Sarasvati is same as the Arabic word wadi, a waterway, Semitic, lending more credence to the scenario.