Philistines Progeny of Misraim at Peace with Hebrews During Ice Age Days of Abraham But as Sea People Belligerent


Misr (a name of Egypt), who was a son of Ham (Geb, Gebtos, Aiguptos, Egypt), sired the Casluhim from whom came the Philistim (see Genesis 10), the Philistines who during the Ice Age made peace with Abraham at Beersheva (about 20 miles east of Gaza), but as the climate changed drastically worldwide when the Ice Age ended, the sea level risen, other Philistines who had sailed to Crete and western Pelasgia (Greece) become known as the Palaeste during the Ice Age were displaced when the Ice Age ended, then attacking the Levant by sea, of the Sea People, the Peleset in Egyptian chronicles, those who had returned to unite with the Philistines already there.