Alans & Goths the Progeny of Aliqanosz & Gutians of Middle East Both Turkic Speaking Tribes at Least Initially


After the Tower of Babel during the Ice Age, the nomadic Gutians of the Zagros mountains (western Iran) were rivals of the Sumerians (Kushites) and Akkadians (Assyrians) of Mesopotamia, and the names of Gutian kings are of a language like Tocharian, light-complected redheads and blonds who spoke a Turkic language, named for Turqi (son of Togarmah according to medieval historian Joseph ben Gorion), whose brother was Aliqanosz the namesake of the Alans, light-skinned blond people, like the Gutians who later became known as the Massagetae (great Gutians) of western Asia and known as the Goths upon their arrival in Europe along with the Alans about a thousand years after the Ice Age had ended.