Mitch McConnell Could Call Votes in Senate for Witnesses to Corner Vulnerable Democrats Up for Reelection in 2020


If the U. S. Senate decides to call witnesses for the impeachment trial of president Trump (assuming the articles of impeachment are transmitted from Nervous Nancy), leader Mitch McConnell should call for votes (51 needed) to have Shifty Adam Schiff and Eric Ciaramella (the “whistleblower) come testify about their scheming to frame Trump on his phone call with Ukraine’s Zelensky, because in addition to getting to the truth about the Ukraine Hoax, it would force Democrat senators up for reelection in close races in 2020 to vote for seeking the truth or continuing the coverup, Democrat senators such as Gary Peters of Michigan, Tina Smith of Minnesota, Jean Shaheen of New Hampshire, and Mark Warner of Virginia.