Japheth’s Son Tubal Founded Tbilisi Then Tabaristan of Northern Iran Remnant Languages Mazanderani & Gilaki


After the Tower of Babel, Noah’s grandson Tubal (see Genesis 10) and his progeny founded Tbilisi, and probably soon thereafter, some moved to where would be called Tabaristan (r’s sound like l’s) along the southern shore of the Caspian sea, as well on to where the Tobol river was named (just to the east of the southern Ural mountains and flowing north), the Tabari (Mazanderani) language of northern Iran probably the remnant of the language spoken by Tubal. Also in northern Iran is spoken the language similar to Tabari called Gilaki, obviously adopted or forced upon the people of Golestan (named for Hul a son of Aram and grandson of Shem) by the progeny of Tubal. The people of Tbilisi in the land called Iberia either adopted or were forced to speak Iberian, like Hebrew and Basque of the Iberian peninsula.