Climate Change in Iran When Ice Age Ended for Ancient Kariz or Qanat Irrigation Canals Flowing from Mountains


The Elamites (of Shem’s son Elam), the Medes (of Japtheth’s son Madai), and the progeny of Hul/Ghul (Golestan), Gather (Gathar/Anau), and Mash of Mashhad (grandsons of Shem) settled where today is Iran following the Tower of Babel during the Ice Age where they hunted and foraged from a verdant landscape, where during the Ice Age 30 to 40 inches of rain fell per year but now only 5 to 15, so when the Ice Age ended, the qanat or kariz irrigation system was begun, canals dug to flow water from the water tables in the mountains down to the flat land. Civilizations flourished there (during the Ice Age) for about a thousand years without the need for irrigation, the qanat or kariz system acknowledged to have begun circa 1000 b. c., having responded to real climate change!