Roots of Uyghur People Progeny of Japheth’s Grandson Togarmah of Turkey Spread East During Ice Age to Tarim


After the Tower of Babel, Japheth’s son Gomer, namesake of whom the Greeks a thousand years later would call the Cimmerians, settled where today is Ukraine, and the progeny of Gomer’s son Togarmah (see Genesis 10) who migrated into where would be named Turkey (named for Togarmah’s son Turqi), moved far eastward too, all the way to the Tarim basin of western China which during the Ice Age was verdant and rich in jade, gold, and other minerals, those people known anciently as the Tocharians. The ancient Uyghurs also of that region were progeny of Ujur, a son of Togarmah according to the medieval Jewish-Khazar historian Joseph ben Aaron, the patriarch Khazar also a son of Togarmah.