Community Organizer Stacey Abrams Fails to Stop Removal of 310,000 Inactive Voter Registrations Off Rolls in Georgia


A federal judge has struck down crazed leftist Stacy Abram’s plea to reverse a lower court’s decision that 310,000 inactive voter registrations must be removed from the Georgia voter rolls, 120,000 of them who hadn’t voted since 2012, and 190,000 voters who moved out of Georgia or whose mail is undeliverable. Letters were sent to the purported addresses of all 310,000, giving them 30 days to respond, with only 4,000 having responded to stay current in their registration, so how many ballots from those 310,000 inactive registrations were though cast for Abrams in 2018, and how many for Crooked Hillary in 2016, how many in the other states where similar circumstances are surely occurring?