Ice Age North African Goddess Tanit Lady of Dulche Supposedly Eight Thousand Years After Brassempouy & Lespugue


Tanit was a goddess worshipped at Carthage in the days of the Romans, and almost two thousand years before that as Neith or Nut in Egypt, the worship of whom was brought to Greece when the Ice Age had ended, worshipped as Athena. Tanit is the subject of the Lady of Elche limestone statue discovered in eastern Spain, chiseled circa 400 b. c., and the Lady of Brassempouy plus the Lady of Lespugue, carvings of Tanit made from Ice Age elephant tusks, so were Tanit statues really in vogue for 8,000 years as the uniformitarians opine, or was the Lady of Elche sculpted only about a thousand years after the Ice Age renderings of Tanit had been carved into Ice Age elephant tusks?