Students of Atlantean Empire Know Twas Centered Near Mineral-Rich Sierra Morena Mountains Just West of Gibraltar


There’s a plethora of submerged ruins off the southern coast of Spain, from Gibraltar west to Huelva, according to the explorations by Maxine Asher and Jorge Diaz-Monetexano, yet follow-up explorations with more photos have yet to surface, which is somewhat surprising until you realize that mainstream science has little interest in stone walls and plazas from Ice Age times, because they say the Ice Age ended about 10,000 years ago, evading the truth that it ended actually circa 1500 b. c. Diaz-Montexano, Asher, and Rainer Kuhne have realized that region was the center of the Atlantean empire, but they haven’t understood that those submerged ruins of which they are aware were consumed by the sea when the ocean had cooled to about today’s temperature about nine hundred years after Noah’s Flood.