President Trump May Extend the 2020 Campaign Trails Into the Hard Blue States to Contrast Failed Leftist Policies


Don’t be surprised if president Trump campaigns in suburban New York City for his 2020 reelection, in that huge media market with several states nearby, including Pennsylvania which he won in 2016, so by campaigning in the New York City area, he can contrast the failed policies of the leftists in New York City next to the successes in nearby Pennsylvania, to solidify his support in Pennsylvania while sounding the bell to the people of New York state that his reelection will mean more big changes for their betterment. Trump may campaign in Portland, Oregon, to turn that state to red in 2020, and in Sacramento reaching the media markets in Nevada where he stands a good chance to win. Such aggressive tactics obviously would put the underfunded Democrats on their heels, playing defense throughout the 2020 campaign.