During the Ice Age Greece Green Plenty of Perennial Rainfall Described in Plato’s Critias Building Timbers Still Seen


Plato in his Critias tells that Greece by abundant rainfall was well-watered with huge forests and two harvests per year in the days that Atlantis to the west was the great rival, even some of the huge long timbers for roofs of houses still seen just a few generations before Plato, which jibes with his statement also in Critias that the greek kings Cecrops, Erechtheus, Erysicthhon, Erichthonios, and Thesesus lived in the timeframe of the demise of Atlantis (and the submergence of much of Greece), when the rainfall decreased markedly, proven by over 300 bronze age settlement sites on stream beds now dry, since the end of the Ice Age circa 1400 b. c. (when the ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures).