Ice Age Glaciation Pattern Matches YEC Model by Ocean Warmer in Aftermath of Noah’s Flood by Fountains of Deep


Did you know Malaysia’s Mt. Kinabalu (13,400 feet) and the highest mountains of Papua New Guinea (up to 15,000 feet) were snow covered down to 12,000 feet year ’round during the Ice Age? This is true of the high mountains of the tropics worldwide, because the Ice Age precipitation was fueled by the world ocean having been much warmer than today in the aftermath of Noah’s Flood (for more evaporation for more cloud-cover), that during the Ice Age all of the the high mountains of the world and the majority of the lands in the more extreme latitudes were covered in snow (except near the warm ocean), the snow remaining from the Ice Age on Greenland, Antarctica, and on the high mountains of the world (except in the tropics). See Page at right Natural Selection by Noah’s Flood.