Herodotus Knew Atlantes of Morocco in Region Dominated by Phoenicians of His Day so Atlantis 9,000 Years Before?


Plato surely knew of Herodotus’s writing that the Atlantes lived in he Atlas mountain region, so if Plato really believed that Atlantis was consumed by the sea 9,000 years before Solon’s time, he also had to believe that they retained that name for 9,000 years, which certainly would be astounding! The word year though is of the same etymology as the Greek word hora, meaning a nonspecific segment of time, the same etymology of the word hour, so the 9,000 segments of time before Solon’s time were months, thusly putting the demise of Atlantis circa 1400 b. c., when the Phoenicians (for Agenor’s son Phoenix) began to dominate the region, kinsmen of the Atlanteans by their father Sidon, erstwhile Posidon.