Arvanites of Albania Language Like Arbereshe of Italy the Pelasgians Settled West from Arbil to Adriatic Region


Progeny of Heber’s son Peleg, but not the ones whom would be called the Hebrews (the offspring of Peleg’s son Reu), after the Tower of Babel founded Arbil (Irbil or Arbilum) of upper Mesopotamia and up into the region of the Caucasus mountains, that region anciently known as Albania or Arvan, with Iberia (for Heber) just to the west, not far from the site of the impressive submerged ruins in the Black Sea a mile offshore from Anapa, Russia, which look like the Pelasgian (“cyclopean”) ruins of Greece and Italy, because those progeny of Peleg moved west where they were known as Pelasgians, their descendants today the Arvanites of the Balkans and the Arbereshe of Italy. The word arboreal means high place, the same etymology as of Arbil even Arbereshe when you consider that b’s are sometimes pronounced like v’s, and r’s like l’s, the Etruscan language the Pelasgian, like Arvanitic of Albania.