Etruscans the Toschi of Toskeria Albania Moved West After Ice Age Pelasgians of Lydia & Lemnos Stele Helps Prove


Linguist Nermin Vlora Falaschi in her book Linguistic and Genetic Heredities well establishes that the Etruscan language is Pelasgian like the Arvanitic language of Albania, Ms. Falaschi having deciphered Pelasgic and Etruscan inscriptions with the Albanian language. The Toschi of ancient Toskeria (southern Albania) moved west after the Ice age had ended to Italy where they established the Tuscany region, and other Pelasgians from western Anatolia where the writing on the Lemnos stele much resembling Etruscan, brought to Italy by perhaps Tyrrhenus for whom was named the Tyrrhenian sea.