Tin Trail Aramaic Uzbekistan to Canaanite Hazor Produced Valuable Bronze in Holy Land Progeny of Aram Transported


The big ancient city Hazor, between lake Hulah and the Sea of Galilee on the upper Jordan river, was a metallurgical trading hub in the land of the Canaanites (later the Israelites) during the Ice Age (which followed Noah’s Flood), hard-to-find tin to make bronze brought there from the western Himalayas, from Uzbekistan, the land of Aram’s son Uz, his other sons Mash (Mashhad in Iran), Gather (Gathar in Turkmenistan), and Hul (Golestan at the southern end of the Caspian sea), all who settled along that east to west route of the tin trade, who probably did the transporting, back to the land of Aram, just to the north of Hazor, where Abraham was roaming, working Elohim’s plan.