Elohim Can Righteously Judge Those Who Hadn’t Heard the Good News by How They Will Have Responded to Conscience


Conscience means with knowledge, for instance of good and evil, right and wrong, the basis by which Elohim will judge those who never heard about the Good News of the Messiah Jesus, based on how they will have responded their Elohim-provided conscience in relationship to the benevolent Creator of the wondrous creation of Whom everyone is aware, whether they admit it or not. So you may ask why is the preaching of the Good News in all the world necessary, isn’t it essentially redundant? It’s not redundant because reception of the Word by those already convicted by their conscience is a glorious revelation of what they surely would have hoped, that the Messiah came to preach, die, then resurrect to eventually redeem the creation in full, the born again of His body doing the work on earth now by Spirit.