Kushites Thought Meteoric Iron the Seeds of Immortality Egyptian Word Bja for Mejayu the Beja Tribe Like Sanskrit Bija


Bija in Sanskrit of India means seed or semen, and Beja means meteoric iron in Kushitic, that word Bja in Egyptian, meteoric iron thought to have been seed or semen from heaven, from the gods, plentiful in northeastern Africa and the Arabian peninsula tapped by the Beja to forge crooks, flails, spearheads and beads for the pharaohs, and for the Kushites’ rulers in the region of Meroe (where the westward flowing Atbara river from the mountains of the Horn of Africa meets the Nile river in northern Sudan). Although Sanskrit is an Indo European language (japhetic), it was adopted by the ice age Kushites of the Hindu Kush (the Indus Valley Civilization), where no doubt many Kushitic words were kept such as bija (hamitic) for seed or semen, spoken for instance in Kushthali.