Kush & Son Seba Both Sides of Indian Ocean Meroe on Upper Nile Like Sumeru the Peak of Shiva Near Hindu Kush


On the upper Nile in northern Sudan where the Atberah river from the highlands of Ethiopia enters was the Kushitic kingdom of Meroe, originally known as Saba for Kush’s son Seba (and Ethiopia for Kush’s son Ityopis), while on the other side of the Indian ocean was the city of Kushasthali in the shadow of the Hindu Kush mountains, to the east of which was the mountain of Shiva (Seba) at the headwater of the Indus river, Mount Kailash, also known as mount Meru, like Meroe, on both sides of the Indian ocean having come from Mesopotamia where was the city of Kish in the land of Sumer or Sumeru or Meru.