Nuwa & Fuxi Chinese Flood Heroes Reversed Roles by Time of Painting in Astana Turpan Sinkiang Western China


The Chinese Noah and his wife were known as Fuxi and Nuwa by the time they were recorded in the Liezi by Lie Yukou circa 400 b. c., roles reversed from biblical Noah and his wife, female Nuwa instead, but that was almost two thousand years after the event (Noah’s Flood), the ancient story therefore long open to distortion, by the time of the painting discovered at Astana in the Turpan basin of the Sinkiang province showing them with intertwined snake bodies (“ying/yang”), and holding a carpenters square and compass, beneath the Big Dipper where was the pole star, knowledge of precession mapping, the origin of geometry meaning earth measure (see Page at right Great Pyramid for Navigation).