Avestans Knew the Ice Age Vorukash Sea the Caspian Flowed West Down to Mediterranean Hydrologic Cycle Noted


The ancient Aryans of the Oxus (Amu Darya) river drainage system said that the waters of the Vorukash sea (the Caspian sea) flowed down into the ocean, which during the Ice Age was accurate, because the Caspian’s volume was twice that of today and covered three times the area, overflowed out the west side through the thousand mile long Kuma-Manych depression into the Don river into the Black Sea basin, which during the Ice Age was a huge lake having outflowed down through where today is the Dardanelles/Marmas/Bosporus connection to the Mediterranean sea. Really interesting is that they know of the hydrologic cycle, having written that the water once into the ocean then returned to the pillars of heaven (by evaporation), that which causes the atmosphere to cool after any global warming.