Sheep in Israel Came Down from Summer Grazing in the Fall Time of Feast of Tabernacles When Jesus Born


Christmas, the supposed time that Jesus was born into the world, is not instructed in the Word to be observed, in fact it was instituted a holiday by the Roman emperor Constantine to be observed at the end of Saturnalia, a week of debauchery, during the time of the winter solstice, so teach your kids that Jesus was born in the fall, during the Feast of Tabernacles, when Emmanuel (Jesus Christ) came to be with us in this world. Although Christians are not instructed to celebrate His birth now, believers during the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ will come to Jerusalem once per year for the Feast of Tabernacles to celebrate His birth (see Zechariah 14: 16), in the fall, when the sheep came down from their summer grazing in the mountains of Judea, in 2019 celebrated from Oct. 13 through Oct. 20.