Sargon of Akkad was Kush’s Son Nimrod Probably Bilingual Assyrian & Sumerian in Kingdom Since Desiccated


Notorious Nimrod, a son of Kush, was also called Sargon, the “king of kings” in that name, as sar is the root of the word czar, and gon or kan is the root of the word king, Indo European word roots so given by Japhethites to that powerful Hamite king who spoke Sumerian (an extinct Kushitic language), probably too Akkadian (Assyrian) too as he ruled over Akkad as well. Nimrod’s realm, the ruins of the dozen or so cities bearing testament, was well watered during the Ice Age when he ruled, ruins now in the desert, because the climate changed (when the Ice Age ended) about five hundred years after Nimrod lived.