Indus Valley Civilization Extended North Across Hindu Kush to Upper Oxus Basin at Shortugai Lapis Lazuli Mining


Indo Europeans (japhethites) after the Tower of Babel moved eastward as well as westward, some to the east into the valley of the Oxus river (now called the Amu Darya) which flows from the Hindu Kush mountains northwestward to the Aral Sea. On the Kokcha tributary of the upper Oxus they discovered huge deposits of the precious blue metamorphic rock lapis lazuli (meaning rock blue like azul or azure) where they built the city Shortugai, discovered there much evidence of the Indus Valley Civilization, on one of the routes by which the Indo European language (probably of Japheth’s son Madai) reached the Kushites who had arrived there probably by sea or along the ice age Shatt al Arab (now the Persian Gulf) from where today is called Khuzestan (ancient Sumer).